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The New Tesla

Wooh What A Car…The Future? For Your Driving Licence Phone: 07882 395889 Have You Seen The Tesla? If you have not guess already here at Driving Dreams, we just love driving and this week Elon Musk the American billionaire and owner of Tesla is launching the...

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Intensive Driving Lessons in Colchester

There are a lot of people who would get great pleasure in having the ability to pass their driving test sooner rather than later, and with intensive driving lessons in Colchester, you can get your licence in just a few short weeks.

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How To Pass Your Driving Test The First Time

Assuming that you wish to successfully pass the driving test at all, never mind simply 1st time, you will need to know we will take you through 2 stages. The first procedure is to be aware of exactly what the driving examiner is looking out for

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How to save £500 on learning to drive

Before we get into the meat of this article we want you to be aware that according to the DVSA the average number of hours to pass the driving test is 47 and that is with a professional driving school and then you need an additional 20 hours of private practice, this is usually with a parent or perhaps a spouse or partner. Now 47 hours is quite a long time, imagine just one hour a week and it is going to take you around a year, and that is a massive issue.

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The “Insider” Questions You Need To Ask

You have decided you want to learn how to drive and there is not shortage of driving schools to choose from, but who do you choose? That is a pretty big problem and if it makes things a little easier for you, every learner goes through this selection nightmare.

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You see I am 100% certain I can give you the best driving lessons going, but how can anyone prove it?

I’m not a person to make boasts and say “I am the best” not without backing it up, so therefore I am giving you a Money Back Guarantee, if you do not like the lesson and you are not learning then you do not pay!

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