Confidence Building Driving Lessons

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It is perfectly natural to feel anxious when learning to drive.

After all humans were not designed for this.

So let us help you build up your confidence and put you in control of your driving.



Learning to drive is an amazing thing anyone can achieve, but did you know many learner drivers suffer from a form of nervousness or anxiety? It perhaps is a little know fact, on really see on a day to day basis by driving instructors that most learners at some time will go through a process of feeling uneasy when it comes to driving. However most learners will not go telling their friends they feel uneasy and therefore it can leave a feeling that everyone just jumps in the car, learning starts and nerves never get a look in!

It is actually perfectly normal to feel nerves at some point, what we have to remember here is we are only human and despite inhabiting the planet for many thousands of years, we have only recently had the ability to independently travel at astonishing speeds. While a horse can perhaps take you to a speed of 35mph there are not 100s of horses on the same road doing the same speed…however with cars there are.

In short, the human race has not yet developed to adapt to the speeds we can now easily travel at and when you feel anxious it is just your nervous system and that is actually a good thing.
What our confidence building course helps you with is to relax the sensation of feeling nervous by building up core skills in a safe environment where you feel comfortable to learn and push back the boundaries at your own pace.

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