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The Best Driving Lessons in Clacton on Sea?

You are about to start the most amazing journey when you take driving lessons in Clacton on Sea, while learning to drive is going to be great fun, the fun only really starts when you have got your own full driving licence and in your car.
If you stop and think for a moment about the opportunities that will come your way once you are driving, you’ll want to start driving right now!

Just imagine choosing a driving school in Clacton on Sea and then driving solo in just a few short months. Having your own car means more social time as your current commuting time will be cut down, there are weekend road trips and better paid jobs, all because you can drive, so shall we get to it..?

Our driving lessons in Clacton on Sea are like no other, this is not just a whizz around town replacing your parents car for some local school, we offer you a total driving experience that will not only help you pass your driving test, but also will keep you safe on the road.
The key to passing the driving test is safety. Pretty much anyone can drive after a few lessons, but can you drive safely.

The hidden part to passing the driving test is about the world around you.
Most road accidents include at least 2 different people, so that could be 2 vehicles, a car and a cyclist, or a car and a pedestrian. So what we have to do as drivers is to try and take into account what other people are doing and drive in such a way we reduce the risk to ourselves and other road users.

The driving examiner looks at road risk in 4 key parts.
1. How well you can control the vehicle you are driving.
2. Your hazard perception skills and how you eliminate and reduce risk.
3. That you are driving in a lawful way by keeping to the Highway Code.
4. You have the attitude if a safe driver.

What we do at Driving Dreams is teach you right from your first lesson those vital 4 factors.
Because we teach you to drive thinking about these factors you turn yourself into a safe driver,
it’s a bit like being programmed to be safe, you just do it naturally.

Driving Lessons in Clacton On Sea – The Test Centre

The above map shows you where the test centre is.
When you take driving lessons in Clacton On Sea many schools will simply teach you the test routes, and while they are useful to know, once you pass your driving test you will be driving everywhere.
So at Driving Dreams, while we show you the test routes, we also give you a full learning to drive experience allowing you to be comfortable will all types of road and the hazards presented.

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