Do You Have A Driving Test – But No Driving Instructor?

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This service is only available to learner drivers who have the ability to prove they are safe drivers and capable of passing the driving test. This is not a service for people trying to “chance” the driving test.

This specific service is appropriate just for learner drivers who possess the capability so as to verify that they can certainly without a doubt drive safely. Normally you are going to be a pupil where for a not known cause your existing driving instructor is actually now unable to take you to the driving test.

This solution comprises of three training sessions. The very first 2 training sessions are 2 hours long and you are going to need to pass a mock driving test in the course of these sessions, up to 2 mock tests are given. In case you register a minimum of just one serious fault in both of these mock tests you will not be authorized to use the vehicle with regard to your driving test. In its place the remaining two hours are going to be used as improvement driving lessons. Furthermore there are no refunds.

There are no refunds to this specific product. In case you are in the unfavorable position where you are not authorized to head to the driving test with our car, your remaining appointment is used for restorative driving lessons and can possibly be used towards our driving test rescue course.

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