Pass Plus And Motorway Lessons

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After you have passed your driving test you need to make sure you are totally safe to drive in all conditions, to include small roads with high speed limits, poor weather conditions and motorways…

Taking advanced driving lessons is a key component to keeping you safe on the roads…

This page is all about the additional training you can take after you have got your licence so you can minimise your risk and increase your safe driving skills in conditions not encountered on the test. People at the highest risk of having an accident are newly qualified drivers, your chances of being in a collision which causes injury or worse is at its highest within the first 12 months of passing the driving test.

The Pass Plus is a scheme for people who have recently passed their test, developed by the DVSA, to take their driving skills to a higher standard. It is a specific syllabus covering night driving, all weather driving, motorway driving, town driving, out of town and rural road driving and dual carriageways. There is not a test to pass. It consists of a minimum of 6 hours with an instructor and the instructor has to sign off a training form to confirm that you have reached the required standard. This is then sent to the DVSA who will issue you with a Pass Plus certificate.

It is a government based scheme and participating insurance companies will reduce your premiums when you have successfully gained your certificate.