How Much Does It Cost ?  

For Your Driving Licence Phone: 07882 395889

Included within the cost of your beginner driving lessons is our TRIPLE GUARANTEE.

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Pass Promise
  • 2 Year Driving Licence Warranty

We are not your normal, run of the mill driving school. With over ten years experience and 100s of test passes we are able to give you a number of guarantees.

If for whatever reason you do not enjoy the lesson you are on, we will refund you.
If for some reason you fail your driving test, we will pay for your next driving test (nationwide government statistics show at least 50% will fail first time).
And after you have passed your driving test this period is the most dangerous for you. Newly qualified drivers are more likely to have a collision that results in injury or death than any other category of driver. Therefore we issue you with free refresher lessons.

If you are a beginner driver, for a limited time, you can take up our special offer of 5 hours for just £100, that is a saving of £25. Hurry this is a time limited and first come, first served offer. Please phone now to check for availability.

1 Hour

Standard lesson rate

2 Hours

Your power session

Driving Test Rescue

£180/6 hours
3 sessions of 2 hours

Late Test Cancellation

£240/6 hours
2 sessions x 2 hours, plus the driving test


For Your Driving Licence Phone: 07882 395889