Your TRIPLE Guarantee

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Our triple guarantee protects your money, your time, your chances of passing the driving test at the first time and it xill help you keep safe on the road.

The triple guarantee is a multi function promise.  At the very heart of the triple guarantee is our fundamental belief in aiding you to become a safe driver.

Almost all driving schools seem the exact same, it is incredibly tough for anyone to figure out premium quality which is why you are going to like the triple guarantee. In the case that you do not like the lesson you have taken, you can get your money back. If ever, you do not successfully pass your driving test the very first time, we will pay for the next test. And due to the fact that statistics prove that newly qualified drivers are more likely to have a road collision, ahead of any other form of motorist, our team are offering you free refresher lessons when you have passed your driving test.


MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – This relates to all conventional driving lessons with the exception of the driving test, the driving test rescue and late test bookings. Our team will refund your money for the lesson you are on or have just undertaken and you will be free in order to join another driving school.

PASS PROMISE – The typical number of hours needed to pass the driving test is 47, however all we ask you to complete is take just 40 hours of training with the school. You will need to pass your theory test inside the first 6 weeks of starting off with the school. You must have two hours of training a week and also any weeks you miss out on, as an example due to health problems or perhaps vacation you must make up for. All driving tests are booked by the driving school and you will only be enabled to go to the driving test after you have passed a mock test. Within the 3 weeks before the driving test you have to have 3 driving lessons consisting of 2 hours a lesson. Within 7 days of the driving test you must have one lesson consisting of 2 hours. If in case you fail your driving test, you must book a minimum of 3 hours restorative driving lessons. The driving school may offer you free lessons to the value of the driving test.

2 YEAR DRIVING LESSON WARRANTY – Doing this is to make sure you continue being a safe driver. You are entitled to 4 hours a year, for two years. Hours can not be carried into the following year, marketed, or swapped. You will provide your own car, fuelled as well as road legal.

You are going to really love getting to know how to drive, it’s possible that the most challenging part is finding a driving school to fit you and this is why we have the triple guarantee. We would like to justify ourselves to you and that is the reason why we provide you a money back guarantee on your driving lessons, but also we wish to demonstrate we have the absolute best talents in order to help you obtain your licence which is the reason that we have the Pass Promise. The Warranty is simply because we care, we do not want to see or hear that you have been engaged in any accident after you have your driving licence, therefore in case you feel you require a refresher lesson, you can get them completely free.

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